Band Arrangements

Band Charts

Arrangements for bands need to be very clear with only the necessary information notated. Usually there will be very little or no rehearsal at all so parts need to be easy to read and easy to follow. Whether you’re in need of function band charts, cruise ship charts or just arrangements for your local amateur group, we can help you.


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This arrangement was written for a live band on a TV game show. You can see that the layout is really clear, with intro’s, verses and choruses marked. As this is a pop song the rhythm section parts are laid out in 4 bar sections. In fact, it’s almost impossible to get lost!


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This keyboard part (shown here in Sibelius – the PDF files are black on white) shows only the necessary information so a specific part is given but then chord symbols are written throughout. This approach makes the part clear and also lends itself to musicians who play predominantly by ear.


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Drum parts can be notoriously cluttered with too much information.
This arrangement shows a drum part for a pop track with the groove notated very clearly, then the fills are placed throughout the part. Anybody could read this part first time.