Custom Arrangements

Custom Arrangements

We are here to write custom arrangements¬†specifically for you, whether you’re a large production company, record label or a keen amateur.

Intelligent, Clear Scores

We pride ourselves on writing, clear, intelligent parts that can be read easily and save time in rehearsal, leading to a great performance. Each arrangement is written specifically for you, keeping in mind the different needs of the each performing situation.
For example, our arrangements for studio recordings include many features which make the session run smoothly. We design the layout of the page especially for the different needs of recording and include timestamps to make editing and “dropping in” easy.
For scores to be played live, we design the layout so that the rhythm section has 4 bars per line (if appropriate). This way, it’s easy for them to know exactly where they are if they get lost or look away from the score.


How To Commission An Arrangement

Before we start work you will be given a fixed price so that you know exactly what the cost will be. We’ll discuss with you exactly what you need and when the deadline is. You can upload any files to us here.
We may require a deposit of 25% when we begin and the remainder is only payable upon completion of the work. You may pay by Paypal, Credit Card (via Paypal or phone) or bank transfer. We send you versions of the work (with audio where possible) for you to review before payment is made.
Your arrangement will be emailed to you as print quality PDFs.
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