Recent Projects (2) iTunes no1 Classical Album

Recent Projects (2)
iTunes No1 Classical Album

For our second project we were asked to provide and record a double album for West End vocalist Tom Solomon. In addition, Tom wanted backing tracks and click tracks for live performance. Not only did we produce everything on time for Tom, he also reached no 1 in the iTunes classical chart.

“Beautiful Day” is a classical crossover vocal album featuring 28 tracks, which we transcribed, arranged and recorded for Tom.  We used a combination of virtual instruments along with a session drummer and guitarist, with the addition of backing vocals. We used a technique of tempo mapping to live performances which gives an authentic, musical feel throughout.

We transcribed, arranged, recorded and mixed the entire double album which was then mastered by Pete Maher (U2, Katy Perry, La La Land, etc).
As if this wasn’t enough work to be getting on with, we also produced click track versions of the album and written arrangements for the live musicians.


music score example

This example (click to view) shows The Piano/MD part with instrument cues  and vocal lines clearly written.

music score example

A woodwind part (flute in this example) with vocal cues written, making it much easier for the flautist to come in correctly.

music score example

Here is a backing vocal arrangement which was used only for the recording.  Cues and timings have been added to save time in the studio