Recorded Arrangements

Recording and Production

“I just had a good listen to your tracks and they are fantastic! …. Production is superb too with plenty of depth and headroom so results from mastering will be warm, dynamic and fully optimized for release.” – Pete Maher (mastering engineer, U2, The Rolling Stones, Katy Perry, Snow Patrol…)

Record & Release Your Own Album

  • Orchestral, Big Band, Rock recreations with a completely human feel – for a fraction of the cost of a live session.
  • 20 years experience & a proven track record of great music.

Virtual Instruments

A vast library of virtual instruments the knowledge of how to write for the real thing. We can make samples sound completely authentic. This arrangement is recorded entirely using virtual instruments:

This recording uses a mixture of virtual instruments and session musicians (guitar and drums)


Session Musicians

There’s nothing better than great musicians & we know some of the UKs finest session players.
The “Big Band” in this video was recorded by only 3 (expert!) musicians.

We transcribed the original recording & re-recorded every note – tempo synced to the original.
We used some of the best London session players, along with a few sneaky recording techniques.


iTunes No1 Classical Album

A double album – transcribed, arranged, mixed & delivered all on time.
PLUS  backing tracks AND click tracks for live shows AND charts for the musicians.
The album also reached no 1 in the iTunes classical chart.

We used a combination of virtual instruments along with a session drummer and guitarist, with the addition of backing vocals. We used a technique of tempo mapping to live performances which gives an authentic, musical feel throughout.

Music Production

Here’s a few examples of our modern production and composition styles.