String Arrangements

String Arrangements

String instruments are incredibly versatile and beautiful and require a great deal of knowledge to write well for them. From the use of double stopping, bowing and effects to the subtleties of voicing harmonies and voice leading.

String Orchestra with a rock band.



String Quartet with Rhythm Section.

“Virtual” String Arrangements

We can also write and record string arrangements using virtual instrument software. The examples below were recorded for a vocalist. You can hear the detail in the string writing even though this is played  on a keyboard.


Customer quote:
James has arranged several numbers for us superbly. We love playing his arrangements. They really are wonderful. I can’t recommend him highly enough.” – Lynette, UK (Capriccio quartet)


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In contrast, this transcription is a solo fiddle in country style with an alternative tuning. Here the difficulty was in notating the double stopping clearly so that it could be identified as independent voices.